I am Chase Toole, concept/ual artist and designer, fellow and teacher. I have Spent most my days finding myself in search of a life of creations and textures. The artistry of our purpose and the direction of our gaze. 

  • Environment Concept
  • Illustration
  • Character design
  • Visual developement
  • Career guidance and planning

I find that I scan the horizon for a sense of exhilaration and direction. I find peace there too. 


I have been witness to brilliant messes and terrible releases. All creating a unique experience to see when through any lens. My lens just so happens to be using Digital painting, drawing, water colour, ink, paint, sculpture, and design. 

Aesthetic is a half measure, the full measure is to shape a life. My life, your life, our life.

Over a decade working at some of the top game and publishing studios in the world on some amazing teams and projects.

Working on teams with a generation of  brilliant artists, designers, directors, engineers, humans. Some who gave the experience of a lifetime to share.


Environment Concept Illustration Character design Visual developement

A Decade as a professional concept artist & illustrator.

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